First posting.

I wanted to start a blog about managing difficult mental health challenges and the resources I have found along the way that have been useful for myself and hopefully for others interested in managing their own psychosis and providing guidance for friends and family members. I am excited to start this blog as both a confessional and as a work-in-progress for the countless times I struggle with my own mental illness, medication-resistant schizophrenia. I have always adhered to medication, but have switched doctors and medication types due to insurance reasons. Having a mental illness is expensive and to mitigate that I work part-time while moving back home with my parents. I am a model mental health patient in terms of medication management and symptom management, but it has always been a struggle, especially when transitioning toward holistic approaches I discovered that reduce anxiety and psychosis. I hope this blog can be a wellspring of information for those battling with psychosis, or that it may be an inspiration for those interested in my journey. My plans are to continue psychotherapy and managing my symptoms while I attend a graduate program in public administration. I hope this blog finds you well.

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