Visibility93’s Great Idea

Courtesy of Visibility93’s disability awareness campaign.

The challenge of disabilities like schizophrenia experiencing psychosis is the fact that it does not look like you are suffering from any disability. My mind is aware of the voices and delusions I experience, and less so now with good medication, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have been dealt a blow similar to a person who may have dementia or early onset Alzheimer’s. I am no expert of my own disease but I read and study as much as I can and discovered this website. Visibility93’s campaign is to explain the disabilities of 93% of others without a wheelchair yet have a mental or physical disability. I applaud the effort and love the icon symbolizing schizophrenia because life does feel a bit like a bunch of circle dots surrounding my mind. I can only hope government agencies focused on ADA compliance will take this idea into consideration, especially the iconic blue color surrounding a major disability.

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