Akathisia and Me

The side effect of akathisia is the worst feeling because it feels like neverending restlessness, creating anxiety for myself. I shake my legs and cross and uncross them constantly. Psychiatric medication will do that. It feels as if my skin will jump off. It isn’t the strongest side effect, but it is the most constant. I did not know that this would be a side effect I would endure, but so far, it is the most obvious side effect I’ve encountered. I guess this is part of the experience of managing symptoms and side effects. I wonder if I look impatient or antsy, because it gives that feeling, although I’m not waiting on anything much except for it to stop. My legs doing this dance that won’t stop. I’ve discovered that it’s gonna be a part of me for the long haul, unless there are other psychiatric medications that do better. It’s just me and akathisia. Try saying that three times fast.

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