An Electromagnetic Headache

Hanging out in Iron Man’s helmet for too long gives you some nausea. You’re feeling the magnetic pull: that soft static feeling that you have been surrounded by electronics for hours on end. Cocooned in hardware and software reduces the voices. Jokingly, if I do experience some auditory hallucinations while I’m on the computer, it’s like I have my own Jarvis, an electronic servant that is the best at a word salad contest. Puts all other salads to shame even though it’s the least health of the salads. The UV light stings the eyes emerging from this. The visual hallucinations of geometric lines and shooting stars in a room gives the feel of virtual reality; an astronomer seeing firsthand his study in holographic display. Eventually, you snap back to reality, those were illusions and delusions, but the lights’ dots-and-dashes take a toll, your eyes are exhausted from the light show. Your brain wants some sleep, no wait, wants respite from these strobe lights of the imagination. That went the mind goes dull, like taking an ineffective antidepressant. There it is, a buzzed light-headed nausea from migraines from seeing strobes lights that do not exist in reality mixed with lights that do. A vestibular migraine of catastrophic proportions. Learning to engage in small actions like changing diet and exercise improves the imbalances that exist that lead to such migraines. Next time when that helmet is placed on me, I can prepare a little better and understand intuitively a lot more.

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